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Custom built workflow systems built specific to your business operations to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. 


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Automated Management Solutions...

We will build a fully or partially automated workflow system customized to your business & setup a secure cloud based data storage keeping all your processes updated in real time.  

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You own your own business and all the responsibility of keeping everything going smooth falls on you. It can be a bit overwhelming at times but you worked so hard to get to where you are and you don’t have the time to teach someone else to do some of the important roles that keep you so tied up running your successful business everyday.


We understand and we can provide you an affordable solution that will free up your time and help you be more efficient with automated workflows and real time updates on everything from in stock applications and inventory alerts as well as automated ordering and vendor metrics that measure the efficiency of your vendors and help you find the vendor that best suits your business needs. 


Apps that are built for your business so you can track and monitor every part of you workflow on the go and on site. You decide the permissions for each employee  that you have reporting data into your custom workflow system. Your employees can sign in and out  according to how you have decided to set it up. This can also track employee productivity and can help to encourage employees to be most productive. Metrics will show how each individual employee is performing in comparison to previous time frames. 

Small Business Workflow Solution

Small business owners usually are used to taking care of the books and inventory, purchasing and ordering, vendor management and any customer concerns by themselves because they want to be sure nothing gets missed not to mention keeping a recurring customer base.

That can take up a lot of your time and energy that could be reserved for expanding the business’s profit margins and focusing on reducing costs. We want to customize a workflow that is specific to your needs and affordable for your budget.

Production & Manufacturing ERP Systems

Owners of manufacturing plant employ large numbers of employees which involves human resources. They also have production processes and SOPs that always need updating. Quality control and customer service are among these departments required to meet standards. This involves many people with many roles in a fast paced world that requires quick responses for their clients as well as for their own operational requirements. We understand the need for real time metrics and eliminating repeated actions with filing and work orders that require correct accurate reports. We can build and customize a software system that can do all this and more and we can do it for less than our competitors. Contact us so we can discuss how you can begin reducing costs and gaining profits while growing your customer base through quick accurate response times.


Management Services

Customer Relationship Management

All your customer information in one secure place, In your hands & in your control. Increases customer response time & overall satisfaction to help increase your sales. Able to track customer sales.

Account & Financial Management

System tracked accounts payable & receivables. Have instant transparency on companies financial status. Have on demand accounting reporting capabilities.

Vendor Management

Information in one place allowing for purchasing control. Collaborate with vendors seamlessly online regarding critical deliveries. Tracks vendor performance & receive automated alerts on concerns.

Inventory Management

Instant inventory accuracy using automated inventory workflows. Monitor inventory values with automatic ordering to allow for computer generated purchase orders & on demand inventory reports.

Production & Service Management

Turns your operation into a smart operation that allows for standardization.
Allows data driven decision making to cut costs and increase productivity.Tracks operations & product realization health.

Questions & Answers

Common Questions & Answers about our Services

Our MUNDU CRM cloud based system is a online real time fully automated filing system which helps a business keep the information of all its customers, leads and prospects stored  and organized securely in one place.

With a MUNDU CRM system, a business ensures that it establishes long-term relationships with its customers and streamlines processes to improve customer service, and drive business growth and profitability. A customer who is kept up to date on the progress and changes as you set up the system to send notification updates will build trust resulting in lasting customer relationships, streamlining and automating processes, creating better collaboration and communication. Showcasing better management strengthening the likeliness of customers continuing to give you their business. 

Sales, marketing, and customer service teams, as well as small business owners.
Secure Cloud Based MUNDU CRM vs On Site Servers CRM system.
A MUNDU CRM is a CRM system that uses Cloud computing technology to host your CRM application. A traditional CRM system hosts your customer data on a server. Our MUNDU CRM systems allow you to store data securely on the cloud rather than having to purchase servers that take up space and need to be serviced often.

MUNDU QM is our quality management Solution, a collection of business processes and functions aimed at continuous improvement of quality to ensure customer expectations and requirements are met or exceeded. MUNDU QM is a framework of organized structures, methods, techniques, policies, procedures, processes, and resources, quality management system are also methods by which your business will be able to ensure responsibilities, schedules, relationships, contracts, and agreements are staying within the environmental, food, and product safety standards required.

While disorganization can affect nearly any part of a company, document control is often the most critical. Responsible for regulating and controlling crucial systems, processes, functions, and procedures, documents drive nearly every action within a company. When organizational issues in this area exist, the tracking, monitoring, updating, accessing, locating, and distributing of those key documents becomes difficult and tedious. Errors become a tangible problem. Time is wasted. Employees become frustrated, confused, and disgruntled. And your company’s goals for productivity, quality, and profitability crumble. MUNDO QM has your solution to these obsticles.

Document control management with MUNDU QM offers a solution for some of the most commonly experienced document control issues. A clear understanding of your company’s needs and goals will be crucial when creating your Quality Management system. Everything will need to be gathered and entered into your database, both existing client data and all new client data to create a fully automated & accurate documentation. 

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